24th June 2024 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How will I know if you are qualified or accredited?
A You can confirm this by contacting BACP or just follow the
web details on the front of my page quoting my registration code.

Q Do I have to pay for the counselling at the first session?
A Yes, a fee is chargeable for all private consultations. I am also
BUPA - AXA ICAS - Validium Group - CBT Services and Aviva
recognised and accepted.

Q How much will it cost?
A The fee is 90 per session one to one payable at the time. I also offer
a sliding scale for single/low paid families.

Q Do you work with relationship issues?
A Yes both couples and families including same sex relationships.

Q How much does it cost for these sessions?
A The fee for relationship issues 199. For families of more than
4 people 250

Q How long does each session last?
A Each session is normally 60 minutes approximately but can go over.

Q How many sessions will I need?
A This will depend upon the issues raised and the pace at which you
feel ok to worked through.

Q How much does a basic counselling training course cost?
A The cost for the basic six weeks course is 199.00 per person.

Q Is a more advanced counselling course available ?
A Yes, level 3 & 4 correspondence course in Counselling as well as other
course's. For further details or a list please contact me.

Q How many people are on the basic counselling course?
A The course is run with between six and eight people therefore giving
a more personal and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn.

Q How do I find out more about the courses?
A Please contact me and I will post/email full details of the course and
the next available start date.