21st July 2024 

What is Counselling

Counselling is known as the talking therapy of life. It is said by many that talking is the best therapy for helping to resolve unwanted feelings. Counselling is one sure way of expressing these feelings. It can help restore the correct balance to your life.

As with any therapy, there is a vehicle or medium for its healing. The medium for counselling is communication. The communication within counselling includes gestures, facial expression, and breathing. These are ways we can both express and tell one another something. Some are outside our conscious awareness. Moreover, often our unconscious communications are the most important ones.

I see counselling as a journey shared between client and counsellor, where the clients' issues can be explored within an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality. It is my aim to support the clients' in finding within themselves the power to restore both balance and wholeness back into their lives.