24th June 2024 

About Me

Professional Qualifications:

BUPA (Recognised)
MBACP (Accreditation)
UKRCP (Accreditaion)
Level 4 Teaching Certificate in Mindfulness.
Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness.
Advanced Diploma in EMDR Therapy.
Advanced Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Level 2 Diploma in Mental Health.
Level 4 Diploma in Law 2nd year.
Advanced Diploma in PTSD.
Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching.
Advanced Diploma in Loss & Bereavement.
Advanced Diploma in Depression Management.
Advanced Diploma in Drugs Awareness.
Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology.
Advanced Diploma in Psychology.
Advanced Diploma in Criminology.
Advanced Diploma in Weight Management & Consulting.
Advanced Diploma in Healthy Eating & Food Hygiene.
BA(Hons) Open
BA.(Hons) in health and Social Care.
Certificate in Health Promotion.
Higher National Diploma in Counselling.
RSA in Counselling.
Psychology and Social Welfare 'A' grade.

I am qualified in therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy and have been a practising therapist for well over 30 years. The majority of my work has been carried out in the United Kingdom within the National Health Service and various independent organizations, prior to moving to the Isle of Man.

I have experience in several models of counselling and therapy including 'CBT' ' PTSD' 'EMDR' 'Bereavement issues' 'Terminal illness' 'Depression management' 'Family therapy' 'Relationship issues' and 'Abusive therapy including, both sexual or emotional abuse' as well as other area's. I use a combination of both humanistic and psychodynamic approaches within my therapeutic relationship with clients. And work within our relationship in both the present and past as this often helps the client/s to understand difficulties when relating to others and different situations that may be causing them problems. I also draw on other skills learnt during my on going training as a counsellor and psychotherapist therefore offer a wide base of knowledge and experience.

I am a fully accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and strictly follow their code of ethics suggested for the practice of good counselling and psychotherapy. I receive regular supervision from an experienced and practising supervisor. I also hold my own indemnity certificate for my counselling service.

Areas of Specialism:

I am fully qualified to teach in the area of 'Counselling and Communication skills' and 'Advanced counselling' and hold regular training courses within these areas.

Due to public demand I will be starting further courses in 2023/24.

And for those of you who would like to go one step further I am now also able to offer a Level 3 and 4 (accredited diploma) correspondence course in Counselling in association with Study house limited plus many more courses.

So if it's a new career your looking for or just more information about these and other course's please don't hesitate to contact me on the above number.

We also offer:

'Weight Management and Support Groups' to help with weight loss for both men and women.

Support groups for:

'Panic and Anxiety Disorders' 'Alcohol/Drug Abuse' 'Sexual/Mental or Physical
Abuse' 'Confidence Building' 'Relaxation Classes' 'How to beat Depression'
and 'Group Therapy' including 'Childhood Obesity' and dealing with 'School Bullying'.