21st July 2024 

Counselling Consultancy and Training Service
Douglas, Isle of Man

The counselling and training service is available with convenient times to suit you, and within easy reach of Douglas, and surrounding areas.

During these difficult times Joyce's Counselling and Consultancy Service will continue to offer a Video or Phone consultation service only.

To everyone please stay safe and well during this difficult and trying time.

There are times in our lives when we all need someone to talk to. To share our thoughts, feelings or concerns. This could involve work related issues or personal issues. At other times we can feel so alone, feel no-ones cares. Sharing this with family members or friends can be hard and painful. Perhaps there are issues you felt you had dealt with in the past. However, current everyday problems can act like a trigger releasing unwanted feelings of the past causing us to become stuck where we are. Finding the right counsellor is the first step to self-healing. Often what has happened in the past can influence how we react to similar situations in the present.

So how can I help?

Let me tell you a little bit about counselling and how together we can work through this stuckness. Counselling is not about giving advice. Its about unravelling what is going on in your life. Together exploring these feelings of negativity and turning them into positive feelings. Its about putting yourself first this can be a very challenging process, but also very rewarding.

During the counselling process, I will attempt to provide a safe environment in which you can explore your issues in a warm and relaxed area. All sessions are private and confidential.

My experience covers a wide area of counselling and training aspects.
For more details give me a ring or contact me by email.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my service. If you feel I can help and you would like to know more then please feel free to explore my website further to find out more about, who I am and how together we can explore these painful issues, that are holding you back.

Kind regards Joyce

MBACP Accredited (Registration number 022886)
UKRCP Accredited
BUPA Registered

For confirmation regarding my accreditation and membership please feel free to follow this link quoting my registration number when prompted: www.bacpregistration.org.uk